Entenmann, Germany

1. For how long do you use the system?

since 1998

Yes. The system is very user-friendly and editing is quick. The hardware is also not very susceptible to repairs.

2. Do you find the system easy to use?

  1. How is your insole production distributed among the areas "Orthopedics", "Comfort / Everyday shoes" and "Sports"?   

4. From your point of view, what are the main advantages of the system?

  • User-friendly
  • Quick editing of corrections
  • Hard- and software little susceptible
  • Good quality of milling blocks
  • Little milling waste

5. How many insoles have you produced with the system?

About 90.000

6. What is the most common reaction / review from your patients when they first wear the insoles?

Actual 3D measurement and the digital image on the monitor make an impression on the customer. Customers appreciate the good fit and quality.

We mill almost all insoles with the Orthema system. Mainly insoles for everyday and sports use.

Bernd Entenmann, CEO