The Digitizer

With the Digitizer, the foot measurement can be taken in different positions and under different loads. It is accurate, reliable and in true 3D.

572 pins wirth a resolution of 468'00 pixel measure the foot by gently palpating tissue, bone and cartilage.

The aim is to straighten the longitudinal arch and to scan the foot profile in the natural, corrected foot position in order to obtain an insole that fits perfectly and does not cause pain or discomfort.

OrthoWin Software

The OrthoWin software allows the user to perform an in-depth analysis of the patient's foot anatomy and helps to make an accurate diagnosis. It provides the user with all the tools to make the necessary adjustments and corrections for the patient, including overlaying X-rays and placing pads or heel cups. Nevertheless every insole can be designed by the usre what makes the insole unique.  A Production Centre can finish the insole according the specifications of the Measuring Centre.

The Milling Machine

Orthofit’s milling machines were the first of their kind on the market. They have been tried and tested for years and remain an international favorite thanks to their sturdy and reliable Swiss technology. Unlike other similar products on the market, Orthofit’s milling machines have a long life span for more than 20 years in average.

All Orthofit’s milling machines have been designed specifically for use in the orthopedic workshop. For this reason, the machines are exceptionally precise, are easy to operate and produce a perfect insole every time ensuring thousands of satisfied customers.

Milling Blocks

Orthema offers the largest range and highest quality milling blocks on the market.

Our blocks are;

1-, 2, and 3 components


1-, 2, and 3 components

20-50 shore range

For all CNC milling machines