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Apart from locomotion, the feet play a vital role in the skeletal system. The soles of your feet absorb large amounts of shock during walking, jogging, or running and in doing so protect the hip and knee joint as well as the spine from injury. 

The body's alignment begins at the feet, so if your feet are out of sync, this will affect the alignment of the rest of your body and can result in injuries and pain.

How will you benefit from wearing insoles?

- Correct realignment of the feet, and in turn the rest of the body

- Supports and cushions the feet

- Improves and corrects weight distribution, relieving calluses and corns

- Corrects foot abnormalities and misalignments 

- Can aid in eliminating foot, knee, hip and spine pain

- Treats foot pathologies such as Achilles tendonitis

Insoles can be used for...

  • Flat- and bent feet
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Anterolateral Compression Syndrome of the foot
  • Arthritis of the foot
  • Corns/Calluses/Blisters
  • Calcaneal fat pad pain
  • Claw/Hammer toe
  • Diabetic foot syndrome
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