Rollmann, Deutschland

1. For how long do you use the system?


The handling in everyday life is very rational and simple with nevertheless many variation possibilities with the manufacturing.

2. Do you find the system easy to use?

  1. How is your insole production distributed among the areas "Orthopedics", "Comfort / Everyday shoes" and "Sports"?   

4. From your point of view, what are the main advantages of the system?

  • The nature of the digital impression

  • Robustness and durability in use

  • The quality of the product that is created

5. How many insoles have you produced with the system?

I do not give any information about that, but there are many, very many.

6. What is the most common reaction / review from your patients when they first wear the insoles?

Positive and pleased with the pleasant wearing comfort.

As well as. We use the system for everything from diabetic care to sensorimotor insoles. Whether severely deformed feet or only slight flat - splay feet, a wide range of patient care is possible.
Also in sports from golf to cycling and all team sports in which a lot of movement and dynamic is required, the prodcution of an insole via the system is excellent.
The insoles made with the system are fitted and worn by us in a wide range of shoes. Whether sneaker, business shoe or even in comfort shoes, the insoles fit almost everywhere.

  1. You mentioned that you have supplied many VIP and well-known athletes with the system. Can you name some of them?

There are some from Bundesliga clubs in handball and soccer. But there are also important athletes from skiing and golf. From Japan to Sweden.

Klaus Rollmann, CEO