Orthopädie Schärer, Switzerland

1. For how long do you use the system?

We have been at it for 24 years and milled the first inoles in 1998.

This system is very easy to use compared to other providers. It is very user friendly.

2. Do you find the system easy to use?

  1. How is your insole production distributed among the areas "Orthopedics", "Comfort / Everyday shoes" and "Sports"?   

4. From your point of view, what are the main advantages of the system?

  • Easy to use

  • Good and varied choice of raw materials

  • Fast delivery in case of stock

5. How many insoles have you produced with the system?

About 35.000 pairs of insoles

6. What is the most common reaction / review from your patients when they first wear the insoles?

Over all these years, the feedback has been predominantly positive. Of course, there are certainly others but whether that is then only due to the insert.....

Schärer AG covers all three categories of sports, especially handball, football, running and tennis.

Dave Beetschen, CEO