Trautmann, Germany

1. For how long do you use the system?

Since 1992

The handling is logical and from my point of view easy and safe to use. After you can then immediately view the edits / corrections in 3D, it only takes a little experience to learn to read the "new footprint". And the Orthema team is there to provide competent advice and assistance. It is also very important for me that in the manufacturing process no finished end product comes out of the mill, but the further individual finishing process allows all possibilities.

2. Do you find the system easy to use?

  1. What kind of people do you equip with insoles?   

4. From your point of view, what are the main advantages of the system?

  • The storage and easy access to the data

  • Thus no need for a last storage and its logistics

  • Reproducibility of insoles

5. How many insoles have you produced with the system?

About 190.000 pairs

6. What is the most common reaction / review from your customers when they first wear the insoles?

I almost always hear: "a pleasant - albeit new feeling... had imagined it worse" and the frequency of repeat orders shows us that our customers are very satisfied.

Mainly for all types of fittings for comfort/everyday and sports shoes. Less so, however, in some cases for exchange fittings for orthopedic shoe customers.

Martin Trautmann, Owner and CEO

  1. You mentioned that you have supplied many VIP and famous athletes with the system.

Among my clients are several national European and world champions as well as Olympic athletes and winners from almost all types of sports.