Pes Planus (Flat Foot) is a hereditary condition and as a result, and according to research, 80% of Asian people suffer from flat feet.

Orthema provides a lot of young children in Vietnam with insoles that correct immediately flat feet and over pronation.


Orthopedic Insole:

Instant improvement of the patient's foot alignment and in consequence immediate correction of the posture and the dynamic movement with Orthema insoles. 


Sports Insole:

Another great example of how Orthema insoles can correct pathologies and foot alignment, shown as here in the dynamic movement. (00:10)

Orthema contantly developes updates, show and demonstrate them at the most important exhibtions and conferences as Medica in Düsseldorf (see video).

Orthema is proud to provide insoles that are either milled or 3D printed.


A little more information about Orthema...


Measuring concept Digitizer:

From the measurement to the 100% fitting individual insole.

User TV-Feature:

Sarah Sweeny, Australia